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Single Latin Women Seeking Successful Mature Handsom North American Men.Single Latin Women Seeking Successful Mature Handsom North American Men.
Single Latin Women Seeking Successful Mature Handsom North American Men.
Single Latin Women Seeking Men, Solteras Mujeres Buscando Guapo Hombres. Single Latin Women Seeking Men, Solteras Mujeres Buscando Guapo Hombres.

Single Latin Women Seeking Men, Solteras Mujeres Buscando Guapo Hombres.

Bob's Story

I was married for 24 years, but my wife decided she wanted something else out of life. We were divorced and she was promptly with her new older man. After being married for that long I was back out on the dating scene. I spent approximately $300.00 with a local dating service. What I found there was that if you weren't a lawyer or a doctor or had substantial assets you were out of luck. A bunch of women looking for a sugar daddy.

I was joking with my x-brother-in-law about going to Russia to find a women. When I went to his house for a week vacation in Michigan he pulled out photo magazines from Russia and several TLC photo magazines. He stated that he was more attracted to the Latina women because of the dark skin. I was totally amazed at the quality of the women in the photo magazine. I was definitely interested. I was skeptical at first so I figured why not just buy the book "The Romance Zone" and see what the culture is like in Latin America. I liked what I read, but being skeptical I called Bruce White -- just like the photo magazine stated -- "call Bruce if you have questions".

My next step was to have my picture placed in the Men's photo magazine and purchase the women's photo magazine with 600 names with address. I do not speak Spanish so I also purchased software for translation. I wrote approximately 20 women. I also began to receive approximately 30 letters. Thanks to e-mail communication was relatively easy. Then one day in February 2001 I received a letter from Rosa who lived in Peru. She always ended her letters with "one kiss" or "un beso". I joking asked how do I get more then one kiss? She said come to my country. In August 2001 I made my first trip to Lima, Peru. Rosa was waiting at the airport for me and had arranged a hotel for my stay. I was there for one week of sight-seeing and to spend time with her and her family. This was my first trip out of the United States so it was a little scary. However, I found the people in Peru to be very friendly and had a great time.

I returned to the US and was still in communication with her. In January 2002 I decided to take another trip to Peru to make sure she was the one. At the end of the week were engaged. On this trip I took all the INS forms I thought I needed and we both had our photos taken for the different forms we would need to file. Upon my return to the US I completed all the forms for a K-1 Fiancee Visa and submitted them to the INS. After approximately 3 months Rosa's Visa was approved. She arrived in the Kansas City Airport on May 24. After living together for one month we had a "legal" wedding. We were married on June 24, 2002. More forms were again filed with the INS to adjust Rosa's immigration status. In October 2002 we returned to Peru for a formal church wedding and reception.

Life is good, my only regret is not going to Latin America sooner! I tell all the single guys I know that they need to forget about dating the women in the US and head to Latin America. Rosa is a very loving woman who's number one priority is taking care of our house and me. She is out going and has made alot of friends in our small community.

In a million years I would never have thought that I would have traveled to South America and met the woman of my dreams. Everything I read in the TLC photo magazine was true and accurate. I would recommend any single man interested in a serious relationship to give TLC a call and order the book and promotional video. Just think -- one date in the US will cost you upwards of a hundred dollars bill, so why not have your photo placed in the men's photo magazine and see what happens. All you have to do is check your mail and see what beautiful woman has written to you today! The vacation trips also look real inviting. If I wasn't married I would definitely take a trip to a warmer place in the winter and be surrounded by beautiful women!

Thank You TLC,

Robert & Rosa
New Strawn, KS

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